Charo was born on January 15, 1951 Maria del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza in the Murcia region of Spain.  Her Father was a lawyer who fled to Casablanca during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, while her Mother stayed behind in Murcia, Spain to raise her children.  She went by the stage name of Charo, and she is a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist.  Her stage presence was flamboyant, and her trademark phrase was “cuchi-cuchi”.  Many years ago, I had the fortune of watching her in person at the Holiday House in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  I found her a talented and funny performer when I had also seen her on television.

At age 9, Charo first learned to play the guitar at the Catholic Convent of the sacred Heart.  For seven years, Charo studied classical and flamenco guitar with Andres Segovia, who was a Spanish virtuoso guitarist from Linares, Spain.  On August 7, 1966, when she was 20 years old, she married the bandleader Xavier Cugat, whom she later divorced.  Her first TV appearance was in the mid 1960’s on The Today Show with Johnny Carson.  In 1968, she appeared on Laugh In on TV.  In the 1970’s, she performed on various television shows, such as, Donny and Marie, Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Captain and Tenille, the John Davidson Show, the Mike Douglas Show, and the Brady Bunch.  By 1977, she was headlining shows in Las Vegas with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Ray Charles.  Charo remarried Kjell Rasten in 1978.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, she was raising her son in Hawaii.

Recently, she has appeared on many cruise ships.  In April 2011, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars on television.  On May 23, 2011, she performed parts of her Las Vegas Show on Disney Magic cruise ship Eastbound, and she received many standing ovations.

  • Twice voted “Best Classical Flamenco Guitarist in the World” – Guitar Player Magazine
  • Vice President of Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Winner of a Billboard International Latin Music Award
  • Winner of Screen Actors Guild Award
  • Winner of the prestigious Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Entertainment of the Year
  • Received the Key to the City of Las Vegas by Oscar Goodman (03/14/04)
  • Honored with the “Charo Week Proclamation” from the City of San Francisco (08/02/05)Charo at the 2013 Alma Awards

10 Rare Baby Crocodiles Return to Cuba

In the mid 1970s, former Cuban President Fidel Castro gave two Cuban crocodiles to a Soviet cosmonaut as a token of his friendship. Weird gift, right? Well soon enough the cosmonaut, Vladimir Shatalov realized he had nowhere to keep them. Or his wife didnt want to share their apartment with two growing crocodiles. Cuban crocodiles generally grow to be 8 to 9 feet in length. So they placed them in a Moscow zoo. Unfortunately, the Moscow zoo didn’t have the right facilities either so they placed them in Stockholm, Sweden’s Skansen Zoo in 1981. Jonas Wahlstrom, a well-known zookeeper in Sweden has been taking care of them since 1984. In the 90s he named them Hillary and Castro. Cuban crocs live to be about 80 and mate their whole lives. So 20 months ago, ten baby crocodiles were born from these parents. The 10 hatchlings will be in quarantine in Havana. Wahlstrom hopes they will be released while he is there so he can see them return to the swamp. This is important because there are very few Cuban crocodiles left–maybe 100. Now they have 10 more.

Hispanic Influences

There has been a significant growth in the United States from the Hispanic culture since the first decade of the 21st century. The Hispanic culture has influenced the film and music industry, art, business, and even politics. The minority group represents 15.8% of the population, and is the largest in the United States, about forty-eight million people. The Hispanic population is significant more so in New Mexico, Florida, Texas, California, and Nevada.
Music and film are the two sectors that have been mostly altered by the culture. Artists and actors such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Penelope Cruz have become very popular in America. Emilio Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, George Lopez are also big names in the U.S. There are many more also. The number of Spanish television has also been growing. Radio stations, magazines, and newspapers have been directed towards the Hispanic market in America, which means that the minority group has a strong influence on the American political class. In federal politics, Alberto Gonzalez was the Attorney General of the U.S. under the Bush Administration. Ken Salazar and Mel Martinez hold seats in the U.S. Senate. Latin Americans have been and are still influencing this beautiful country. It’s nice to focus on the positive Hispanic influences this nation has gained, instead of Americans being solely focused on illegal immigration all of the time.

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Spain became West Superstar Economy ? (Blog 6)

Spain has not olny been growing much more then it usually does it has been growing faster than the U.K. and the U.S. it is trying to lead the Euro area out of its depression. “Unlike some of its peers, Spain got stuck into labour market reforms in 2012. These now appear to be paying dividends. Spain’s unemployment rate has dropped like a stone as a result. However, it still remains high as the second highest in the euro area at 23.8pc in the first quarter.” Although there is one difficulty Spain may run into while it is growing; It will be under political change this year. “Spain faces serious electoral challenges this year.The changes to the political landscape are also somewhat similar. A tradition of two heavyweight parties slugging it out for supremacy has been interrupted by the emergence of third party candidates.” This may create confusion and steer spain off the right path because of different opinions on how things should be run. I chose this story because this happens in the U.S. as well, presidents change and America changes with them. My personal take is that whoever got them headed in the right direction should stay in charge of it because they obviously know what they are doing.

Getting The Homeless Off The Madrid Streets (Blog 5)

Esperanza Aguirre has hopes to become Madrids mayor in the may election. She wants to also get the homeless off the streets because they scare tourists. She wants to make sleeping rough in public illegal to do. She wants all homeless to be set up with shelter and a house for emergency. In the past ambulances would try and give the homeless rides to these shelters at night. “According to the city council’s most recent study from 2012, there are 1,900 homeless people in Madrid, with around one third sleeping on the streets.”This is a enlightening fact and it really shows the level of poverty in the city and how something needs to be done to change it. “Solidarios, an NGO which works with the homeless and other disadvantaged communities, said the idea of making it illegal to sleep on the street was “unviable unless you change the penal code and the constitution”. I chose this story because this is an issue in almost every country, in each state of each country you will find somewhere where people are homeless and living on the street. The relevance to me is that I have seen these type of things happen in my own neighborhood, people living outside on the street or in abandoned houses. This in my opinion is because of the hard drugs put into communities people spend all their money on drugs chasing a high and cant support themselves afterwards.

Barcelona Crossbow Attack

A teacher at a school in Barcelona was killed after a boy struck her with a crossbow. He then chased after pupils. The sports teacher tried to calm and disarm the boy during this disaster. Entering the school the boy knocked on a teacher door and fired the crossbow at the face of the female teacher who opened it. Another teacher ran to the aid of the female teacher and was stabbed in the chest and fatally wounded. He then injured two pupils as well as another teacher. The sports teacher heard the commotion and ran to defuse the situation. He calmed the student down and got the kid to realize what he was doing and that he was causing harm. The kid then collapsed as the teacher hugged him. The student started to cry and come to his senses. The boy is now being held by Catalan police, as a minor under the age of 14. He will not be charged with murder, but will be placed in a psychiatric hospital. Education authorities said the boy always had problem and always would wear camouflage clothing as well as have Nazi symbols on his desk, had suffered a “psychotic episode.” Pupils who knew the boy claim he had a “blacklist” of 25 teachers and pupils he planned to take out, but threats weren’t taken seriously. It is said he was an excellent student, but had many problems.  This incident was on the 16th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. We can only hope that if another situation like this happens it is taken seriously before it gets worse.

Shocking video sends nursery teacher to jail.

A Spanish teacher at the school of Annunciata is going to prison for a term of four years. The school installed hidden cameras in the schools classroom and the teacher was caught mistreating children under her care! She was seen on video holding a child down while the child was kicking and force-feeding the child. In another video she is seen forcing a child head first into a sleeping bag while she sat on the other end and spoke with another teacher. She was ordered to pay (100,000 U.S.) to the two families. The teacher she was talking to while she had the child trapped in the sleeping bag was given a suspended sentence of 11 months. I chose this case because this is very close to me, I’m currently going through an investigation of my own child being hit by his teacher at school so I thought this was very close to home, and I feel as parents we shouldn’t have to worry about our children’s safety while they are at school or in a child care service. Hopefully going forward my nation and others can keep things like this to a minimum