La Tomatina

You see it in movies, but rarely does it ever happen in real life. What am I talking about? Food fights. Well now is your chance to experience the biggest food fight in world. In Spain, in a small city just outside of Valencia, is the world’s biggest food fight. What kind of food fight is it? Tomato’s! This food fight is called La Tomatina. This is not just a food fight but is part of a weeklong festival. It is held on the very last Wednesday of August each year. This festival consists of paella cooking contest, dancing, music, and fireworks to end the festivities. “Prior to 2013 anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 (reported to be 50,000 in 2012) people crammed into this huge tomato fight, greatly expanding Bunol’s normal 9,000 person population”. Because of the large number of people that were coming to the food fight, they are now giving tickets out to only 20,000 people. Without a ticket you cannot participate in the event. Once you have your ticket and arrive at the fight make sure to grab some protective goggles and shoes you can throw away after using. La Tomatina was created in 1944 or 1945, people are not sure when it originally was created. This is one of Spain’s most fun festivals held throughout the year.I chose this topic because I had no clue that this festivity took place in Spain. I found it very interesting and culturally diverse because it is a Spanish festival that people from all over the world go to celebrate.



One thought on “La Tomatina

  1. Hola Caitlin:
    Muchas gracias por hablar de la Tomatina en Buñol. As you rightly said, it is a very interesting festival although I would never go to be thrown tomatoes and have my hair and clothes reeking and soaked in tomato, 🙂 I know that at the end of the event, firemen squads hose the attendees with water to clean all the tomato away but still it is a waste of wonderful tomatoes which could be used for something else, ha, ha. I know that the origin derived from a surplus of tomatoes in the area. Since people did not know what to do with it, they did not think of something better than to throw them at the people nearby!
    Gracias, 🙂


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