Barcelona Crossbow Attack

A teacher at a school in Barcelona was killed after a boy struck her with a crossbow. He then chased after pupils. The sports teacher tried to calm and disarm the boy during this disaster. Entering the school the boy knocked on a teacher door and fired the crossbow at the face of the female teacher who opened it. Another teacher ran to the aid of the female teacher and was stabbed in the chest and fatally wounded. He then injured two pupils as well as another teacher. The sports teacher heard the commotion and ran to defuse the situation. He calmed the student down and got the kid to realize what he was doing and that he was causing harm. The kid then collapsed as the teacher hugged him. The student started to cry and come to his senses. The boy is now being held by Catalan police, as a minor under the age of 14. He will not be charged with murder, but will be placed in a psychiatric hospital. Education authorities said the boy always had problem and always would wear camouflage clothing as well as have Nazi symbols on his desk, had suffered a “psychotic episode.” Pupils who knew the boy claim he had a “blacklist” of 25 teachers and pupils he planned to take out, but threats weren’t taken seriously. It is said he was an excellent student, but had many problems. ¬†This incident was on the 16th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. We can only hope that if another situation like this happens it is taken seriously before it gets worse.


One thought on “Barcelona Crossbow Attack

  1. Hola Isaac:
    Gracias por escribir sobre este evento tan horrible. I am so shocked to hear about these news. In Spain you can commit crimes of this nature and end up being taken for a few months in a mental institution with no criminal charges or even jail time, if you are a minor. It is very unfortunate and I feel terrible for the families of those teachers and students affected together with the parents of that boy.


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