Shocking video sends nursery teacher to jail.

A Spanish teacher at the school of Annunciata is going to prison for a term of four years. The school installed hidden cameras in the schools classroom and the teacher was caught mistreating children under her care! She was seen on video holding a child down while the child was kicking and force-feeding the child. In another video she is seen forcing a child head first into a sleeping bag while she sat on the other end and spoke with another teacher. She was ordered to pay (100,000 U.S.) to the two families. The teacher she was talking to while she had the child trapped in the sleeping bag was given a suspended sentence of 11 months. I chose this case because this is very close to me, I’m currently going through an investigation of my own child being hit by his teacher at school so I thought this was very close to home, and I feel as parents we shouldn’t have to worry about our children’s safety while they are at school or in a child care service. Hopefully going forward my nation and others can keep things like this to a minimum


One thought on “Shocking video sends nursery teacher to jail.

  1. Hola Otis:
    First of all, how sorry I am about your child! I had no idea you had a child and least of all, that he had to endure mistreatment and abuse from his teacher. I agree with you. You leave your child in the hands of strangers whom you want to trust with their education and comfort because they seem to be respectable professionals. It is horrific if you discover that the most important person of your life besides your partner is being mistreated by his caretakers. I hope that your son is fine. How old is he? I am very sorry, again!


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