Getting The Homeless Off The Madrid Streets (Blog 5)

Esperanza Aguirre has hopes to become Madrids mayor in the may election. She wants to also get the homeless off the streets because they scare tourists. She wants to make sleeping rough in public illegal to do. She wants all homeless to be set up with shelter and a house for emergency. In the past ambulances would try and give the homeless rides to these shelters at night. “According to the city council’s most recent study from 2012, there are 1,900 homeless people in Madrid, with around one third sleeping on the streets.”This is a enlightening fact and it really shows the level of poverty in the city and how something needs to be done to change it. “Solidarios, an NGO which works with the homeless and other disadvantaged communities, said the idea of making it illegal to sleep on the street was “unviable unless you change the penal code and the constitution”. I chose this story because this is an issue in almost every country, in each state of each country you will find somewhere where people are homeless and living on the street. The relevance to me is that I have seen these type of things happen in my own neighborhood, people living outside on the street or in abandoned houses. This in my opinion is because of the hard drugs put into communities people spend all their money on drugs chasing a high and cant support themselves afterwards.


One thought on “Getting The Homeless Off The Madrid Streets (Blog 5)

  1. Hola Jason:
    I agree with you that homeless people are becoming part of the urban landscape and it is sad to see them ending like this. As you rightly said, many of them have succumbed to the dangers of drugs or to a pretty bad streak of luck (financial problems, gambling debts, etc). I understand that for tourists, seeing homeless people might be a terrible sign, but to me it is much worse for a nation to consider them as part of a problem that needs to be hidden from sight rather than taken care of with assistance and appropriate housing.


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