Spain became West Superstar Economy ? (Blog 6)

Spain has not olny been growing much more then it usually does it has been growing faster than the U.K. and the U.S. it is trying to lead the Euro area out of its depression. “Unlike some of its peers, Spain got stuck into labour market reforms in 2012. These now appear to be paying dividends. Spain’s unemployment rate has dropped like a stone as a result. However, it still remains high as the second highest in the euro area at 23.8pc in the first quarter.” Although there is one difficulty Spain may run into while it is growing; It will be under political change this year. “Spain faces serious electoral challenges this year.The changes to the political landscape are also somewhat similar. A tradition of two heavyweight parties slugging it out for supremacy has been interrupted by the emergence of third party candidates.” This may create confusion and steer spain off the right path because of different opinions on how things should be run. I chose this story because this happens in the U.S. as well, presidents change and America changes with them. My personal take is that whoever got them headed in the right direction should stay in charge of it because they obviously know what they are doing.


One thought on “Spain became West Superstar Economy ? (Blog 6)

  1. Hola Jason:
    I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, I doubt that this will happen in Spain. Ideology is more important to some politicians and voters than the actual positive changes that other parties (considered as enemies or rivals) may have brought to the country, which is very sad.


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