10 Rare Baby Crocodiles Return to Cuba

In the mid 1970s, former Cuban President Fidel Castro gave two Cuban crocodiles to a Soviet cosmonaut as a token of his friendship. Weird gift, right? Well soon enough the cosmonaut, Vladimir Shatalov realized he had nowhere to keep them. Or his wife didnt want to share their apartment with two growing crocodiles. Cuban crocodiles generally grow to be 8 to 9 feet in length. So they placed them in a Moscow zoo. Unfortunately, the Moscow zoo didn’t have the right facilities either so they placed them in Stockholm, Sweden’s Skansen Zoo in 1981. Jonas Wahlstrom, a well-known zookeeper in Sweden has been taking care of them since 1984. In the 90s he named them Hillary and Castro. Cuban crocs live to be about 80 and mate their whole lives. So 20 months ago, ten baby crocodiles were born from these parents. The 10 hatchlings will be in quarantine in Havana. Wahlstrom hopes they will be released while he is there so he can see them return to the swamp. This is important because there are very few Cuban crocodiles left–maybe 100. Now they have 10 more.


One thought on “10 Rare Baby Crocodiles Return to Cuba

  1. Hola Olivia:
    Muchas gracias por la noticia sobre los cocodrilos. Indeed it was a strange gift but from Fidel Castro nothing surprises or disgusts me, honestly, 🙂


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