Hispanic Influences

There has been a significant growth in the United States from the Hispanic culture since the first decade of the 21st century. The Hispanic culture has influenced the film and music industry, art, business, and even politics. The minority group represents 15.8% of the population, and is the largest in the United States, about forty-eight million people. The Hispanic population is significant more so in New Mexico, Florida, Texas, California, and Nevada.
Music and film are the two sectors that have been mostly altered by the culture. Artists and actors such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Penelope Cruz have become very popular in America. Emilio Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, George Lopez are also big names in the U.S. There are many more also. The number of Spanish television has also been growing. Radio stations, magazines, and newspapers have been directed towards the Hispanic market in America, which means that the minority group has a strong influence on the American political class. In federal politics, Alberto Gonzalez was the Attorney General of the U.S. under the Bush Administration. Ken Salazar and Mel Martinez hold seats in the U.S. Senate. Latin Americans have been and are still influencing this beautiful country. It’s nice to focus on the positive Hispanic influences this nation has gained, instead of Americans being solely focused on illegal immigration all of the time.

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One thought on “Hispanic Influences

  1. Hola Ryan:
    Muchas gracias por escribir sobre las influencias hispanas en los Estados Unidos. Certainly, Hispanic influence and presence keep growing in the country, making it more diverse and entertaining, in my opinion, πŸ™‚


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