Barcelona Crossbow Attack

A teacher at a school in Barcelona was killed after a boy struck her with a crossbow. He then chased after pupils. The sports teacher tried to calm and disarm the boy during this disaster. Entering the school the boy knocked on a teacher door and fired the crossbow at the face of the female teacher who opened it. Another teacher ran to the aid of the female teacher and was stabbed in the chest and fatally wounded. He then injured two pupils as well as another teacher. The sports teacher heard the commotion and ran to defuse the situation. He calmed the student down and got the kid to realize what he was doing and that he was causing harm. The kid then collapsed as the teacher hugged him. The student started to cry and come to his senses. The boy is now being held by Catalan police, as a minor under the age of 14. He will not be charged with murder, but will be placed in a psychiatric hospital. Education authorities said the boy always had problem and always would wear camouflage clothing as well as have Nazi symbols on his desk, had suffered a “psychotic episode.” Pupils who knew the boy claim he had a “blacklist” of 25 teachers and pupils he planned to take out, but threats weren’t taken seriously. It is said he was an excellent student, but had many problems.  This incident was on the 16th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. We can only hope that if another situation like this happens it is taken seriously before it gets worse.


Former IMF Boss Rodrigo Rato arrested in Madrid

Rodrigo Rato, a former managing director of the IMF and top-level minister in the governments of Prime Minister José María Aznar, was arrested in Madrid on Thursday after the police and customs officials carried out a search of his home. Rato who was already suspected in a judicial investigation into his  stewardship of Bankia before the Spanish lender had to be bailed out with 22 billion reportedly became the focus of money laundering  and fraud accusations regarding his personal wealth. Earlier in the week he did not deny reports that he had taken advantage of the Spanish governments 2012 taxes to declare previously concealed wealth. Rato’s house was searched around 4pm on Thursday by a tax agency. Rato has seen major decline over the years, which explains his wrong doings, but does not justify them in any way. Rato resigned as the Bankia director. He later was picked up and taken away by an unmarked police car. Rato should be looking at some major time for this and you can only hope these types of issues are put to rest before they get drastic.

Blog#3 “World’s most dangerous footpath set to reopen in Spain”

To what some have described as the world’s most dangerous footpath. Spain’s Caminito del Rey is set to reopen on March 26th after some massive reconstruction. This footpath hangs 100 feet above the Guadalhorce River, which sounds pretty dangerous to me. This trail has been around since the 1900s so it has some history. It originally was to provide access to two waterfalls for hydroelectric workers. Over the years the footpath has deteriorated and after a few fatal accidents in 1999-2000 the government decided to demolish the access points to the walkway. The reopening of this footpath comes after just one year of new construction, which is just time for Spain’s Holy Week celebrations. According to the Spanish daily El Pais the government spent 5.5 million euros to the project which is $5.8 million dollars. The entire route is 7.7 kilometers long. The most famous section includes the Balconcillo de los Gaitanes bridge, which spans the Gaitanes Gorge. Tourism officials say it would take about 4 to 5 hours to walk the entire trail, which includes steep slopes so I’m assuming if you’re looking for a good workout this would be the spot. The entry to this footpath will be free for the first six months and visiting hours are from 10am to 5 pm from April 1st to October 31st and 10am to 2pm from November 1st to March 31st. As I expected those who want to visit need to book a spot on the official website, which I assume is due to the amount of people who are interested in going.

Spain’s GDP grows by 2% in 2014

Spain’s GDP has grown 2% in 2014. This is a great thing for the country due to the fact that unemployment is at 23%. Spain’s economy hasn’t always been great,but the 2% shows things are changing for the better. Spain could be used as a good example to other countries on how to be flexible to change the economy in a positive way. Most countries when they get in a rough spot stay that way for awhile for example, when the US got into a recession in 2008 they stayed that way for awhile. Spain certainly has a good plan and their fiscal policy isn’t too bad. Although Gilles Moec reported that Spain could do better with their fiscal policy. I think Spain will be a great examples of turning an economy around if their GDP continues to grow. If so hopefully other countries will take their example and apply it to themselves in their own time of need.

Messi wins ESPN FC’s Player of the Month

Messi recently won FC’s player of the month behind runner up Robben and lastly Ribery. Messi has been great for awhile and it’s no surprise he swept his competition in the race for player of the month. However there was controversy that Dost should have replaced Ribery due to the stats that were provided, which clearly surpassed Ribery’s. This would have at least made the contention for player of the month a little better than the total domination that Messi delivered to his opponents. Although it is true Messi has been great for years and is undoubtedly one of the best they’re a lot of up an coming futbol players that could maybe someday be called one of the best like Messi. Messi is known to pile on these awards, but there is one thing he is missing to be called the greatest and that multiple world cups. If Messi were to continue on and chase that glory it would be exciting for the world to watch as he embarks on what he may call his glory.

Blog 1: Anti-Austerity Rally

When I look at politics in our own country I am always curious as to how politics are going in other countries as well. What I came across was the rally recently for the anti-austerity party. This new party named Podemos, which means “we can” held its “March for Change” at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol Square. Pablo Iglesias, the leader of this political party wants to see the same outcome that happened in Greece with the party being ahead of the conservatives for the national election.

This political party has also took to social media to further its exposure, which has given them an edge. In the Greek elections Alex Tsipras, the leader of the Greek Podemos political party would go on to win in Syriza. Both parties insist that something must be done about the large debts during the economic crisis. The main focus is to focus on the debt that has occurred and to get back a balance. Podemos won five seats for the European Parliament, which was a surprise for much because they were new comers.

Im sure they hope to have an even better result in its first test at home in May during the regional and local elections and then the big test during the national elections which will occur during the end of the year. I chose this article because I always want to know whats going on not just in the US, but around the world as well. The European parliament isn’t too new to me because of watching Nigel Farage and his talks in government, but I just chose this because I love being well rounded in all aspects of knowing whats going on in the world.