Spain became West Superstar Economy ? (Blog 6)

Spain has not olny been growing much more then it usually does it has been growing faster than the U.K. and the U.S. it is trying to lead the Euro area out of its depression. “Unlike some of its peers, Spain got stuck into labour market reforms in 2012. These now appear to be paying dividends. Spain’s unemployment rate has dropped like a stone as a result. However, it still remains high as the second highest in the euro area at 23.8pc in the first quarter.” Although there is one difficulty Spain may run into while it is growing; It will be under political change this year. “Spain faces serious electoral challenges this year.The changes to the political landscape are also somewhat similar. A tradition of two heavyweight parties slugging it out for supremacy has been interrupted by the emergence of third party candidates.” This may create confusion and steer spain off the right path because of different opinions on how things should be run. I chose this story because this happens in the U.S. as well, presidents change and America changes with them. My personal take is that whoever got them headed in the right direction should stay in charge of it because they obviously know what they are doing.


Getting The Homeless Off The Madrid Streets (Blog 5)

Esperanza Aguirre has hopes to become Madrids mayor in the may election. She wants to also get the homeless off the streets because they scare tourists. She wants to make sleeping rough in public illegal to do. She wants all homeless to be set up with shelter and a house for emergency. In the past ambulances would try and give the homeless rides to these shelters at night. “According to the city council’s most recent study from 2012, there are 1,900 homeless people in Madrid, with around one third sleeping on the streets.”This is a enlightening fact and it really shows the level of poverty in the city and how something needs to be done to change it. “Solidarios, an NGO which works with the homeless and other disadvantaged communities, said the idea of making it illegal to sleep on the street was “unviable unless you change the penal code and the constitution”. I chose this story because this is an issue in almost every country, in each state of each country you will find somewhere where people are homeless and living on the street. The relevance to me is that I have seen these type of things happen in my own neighborhood, people living outside on the street or in abandoned houses. This in my opinion is because of the hard drugs put into communities people spend all their money on drugs chasing a high and cant support themselves afterwards.

Olympic Diver and Wife Shot Dead In Spain

This will be a very emotional article to read. A British man who competed in the 1956 olympics has been killed with his wife in each-others arms. Their names were Peter and Jean Tarsey both were 77 years of age. They had been living in the area for 18 years and were discovered by worried friends who hadent seen them in a few days. The couple were found to have been shot with a small calibre weapon, although there was no sign of forced entry the police are treating it as a homicide. The autopsy will confirm the bullet wounds but there has not been any findings of motives at this point. A television had been stolen from the house and the couple had a safe with valuables but it was not touched.The friends of the family said that the murder is very shocking and that the couple were very much liked and respected. The couple were planning to move to majorca to be closer to their son. I chose this story simply because it caught my eye and turned out to a compelling read. I hope that whomever did this will be found and put in jail.  This relates to me because these types of things happen in america on a regular notice. It shows that nothing is really greener on the other side. My personal intake about this is that the couple should not have been killed it is very sad that they were. I hope things like this will stop happening so the world can become a better place.

Spanish Man Wins Lottery 8 Times in 16 months

Jason Chavis

Blog 3

A business man named David Marjaliza has been up to suspicious activity that has caused him to be taken and arrested by Madrid police. He is one of six whom are suspected to be involved in a political corruption ring in which 250 million was stolen. He won the lottery lottery 6 times in 8 months which rose the suspicions of the money laundering. According to tax inspectors laundering money through lottery prizes is a common and fairly easy process. This story is applicable to my life because also in america the lottery is used and can be taken advantage of. Personally i would not partake in this because i believe the risk of jail time far outweighs the reward of the money. I choose this essay because i believe it shows you that if you do this you will be caught and you will be looking at serious jail time.

Blog 2

Jason Chavis

American tourist suffers goring wound from spanish bull running festival. Mr. Miller was taken to intensive care at the Salamanca hospital, and diagnosed by his spanish surgeon as the “biggest goring wound he had ever seen during bull running festival”. Mr. Miller was injured on Saturday the first day of Cludad Rodrigo’s Carnival De Rio. Miller went into a three hour surgery to repair his thighs and back muscles, he could have been hurt much worse and is lucky that he survived. I choose this story to express the danger of this sport, and how while it may be fun to many people it can be very dangerous. I personally do not have anyone that i am aware that has bull ran. But personally it would not have relevance to me because i would not ever partake in the event. I belive it is something i would watch for entertainment although i would not do it because i know the risks involved with it.

Spain Kings Daughter In Legal Trouble

Jason Chavis

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The King of Spains daughter was recently forced to sell her Barcelona mansion. This sounds odd mainly because she is related to the most powerful and most wealthy man in Spain, King Felipe. But she is in fact selling the mansion to raise funds for a court battle that is currently going on. The house in fact will be very profitable; it was purchased in 2004 for Eu6 million. They need this money to cover the bonds required for court. It was decided by judge jose castro that Princess Cristina would become the first member of Spains royal family to face criminal trial. Princess told her lawyer Miquel Roca that she was upset about having to sell her home because it was “something in which she had invested her hopes”. Mr. Urdangarin is accused of embezzling public funds, fraud and money laundering and many other offences while he was running a non-profit organization. Both Princess and her husband have denied and wrongdoing.

I choose this story because it shows how even if you are apart of royalty you can still be persecuted and that nobody is above the law.

This story is relevant to me because just like my country has strict laws my country also has strict laws that should be followed by the population.

My personal take on the situation is that if in fact Princess Urdangin committed the crime she should be held accountable for it.