Shocking video sends nursery teacher to jail.

A Spanish teacher at the school of Annunciata is going to prison for a term of four years. The school installed hidden cameras in the schools classroom and the teacher was caught mistreating children under her care! She was seen on video holding a child down while the child was kicking and force-feeding the child. In another video she is seen forcing a child head first into a sleeping bag while she sat on the other end and spoke with another teacher. She was ordered to pay (100,000 U.S.) to the two families. The teacher she was talking to while she had the child trapped in the sleeping bag was given a suspended sentence of 11 months. I chose this case because this is very close to me, I’m currently going through an investigation of my own child being hit by his teacher at school so I thought this was very close to home, and I feel as parents we shouldn’t have to worry about our children’s safety while they are at school or in a child care service. Hopefully going forward my nation and others can keep things like this to a minimum


Spain criticised for dragging burning ship out to sea (blog 4)

Greenpeace is very upset with Spain’s Government for towing a Russian fishing bout out to sea while it was full of fuel and burning. The peace group demands that Spain remove all the oil from the water and from the ship saying it posses environmental hazards. Also the ship sunk not to far away from Maspalomas beach resort area and oil spots were beginning to be seen not to far from the shore. Spain’s development minister, Ana Pastor was overseeing the oil spill. The plan is to keep the oil at the lowest level possible. This article was interesting to me because this is the second time Spain is in this situation and the first time the handled it this way 23,000 tons of oil was dropped into the ocean affecting beaches in France and Portugal So I just don’t understand why the didn’t port the ship and put the fire out, in order to save the environment. Hopefully they will get it under control with as least damage as possible.

Two ‘most wanted’ Brits nabbed within 24 hours.

The first of the two fugitives was caught Tuesday morning, in his high class four bedroom villa in Javea, Alicante his name was Paul Monk 54 years old, from Romford, Essex. While directing hired workmen to lay marble around is pool police raided his home recovering 125,000 euros and weapons. On Wednesday the second of two were caught he was Jayson McDonald 37, From Acton, West London. He was caught in Amsterdam, but had been living in Spain until police raid his home there.Monk has alleged to have been seen handing over a kilo of cocaine while also having 24 kilos of marijuana seized. McDonald is said to be apart of a major drug ring. I find this interesting because I am a criminal justice major and seeing all these different law enforcement agencies come together to catch these international fugitives is amazing to me. My own country would not exhaust those types of efforts or be able to bond with such other nations for justice and I like to see such a strong legal justice system, and I hope one dy for America to be able to work with al nations of the world in la enforcement.

Madrid brings in tough anti-pollution regulations

The air pollution levels in Madrid are too high and the government is taking drastic measures to change that. People that live in the city have to live with heavy traffic fumes looming amongst them nicknamed “ the beret” this has come about because of its one car per every two of its 3.2 million residents of the city.

The new law that was put into place on Sunday states that the new system will go through level checks of the air pollution and if it is too high people will be urged to leave cars in and speeds will be lowered on major roads and highways, on the second day of levels being too high only neighborhood residents would be able to use the parking meters at the Centre and on the third day of high levels they would cut the car total on the road in half by having only odd number license plates on the road one day and only even the next. I chose this article because I think its interesting how the pollution levels are so high that measures that serious are being taken. I’d like to follow up on this and see how the law is really enforced and the effects if any after the change.

Speaker played Candy Crush during PM address

During Spain’s State of Nation Debate while Spanish Prime Minister Mario Rajoy spoke sitting right behind him was the Spanish politician Celia Villalobos on her tablet playing the game Candy Crush. While he delivered the state of nation address Villalobos whom is the vice-president of the Congress of Deputies completely disrespected not only her job but her country, while the prime minister is speaking she is paying disregard to her entire nation. I chose this topic because I feel congress is one of the most important things in our country I don’t know how important congress is in Spain but, if I was a citizen there I would feel highly disrespected these are the leaders of the nation and cant take the time to take something that important serious so how would they feel about just a single citizen.

Spain’s radical leftist party shows strength in big rally

In Madrid, Spain over ten thousand people marched in support of the radical leftist party with plans of this type support to match the same accomplishment of the Syriza party from Greece. The reason being for such a large out pour of support was in efforts to change the two predominate party system. Which cause such a raise in support to this party if their fiery young representative Pablo Iglesias who advocates for the people the slogan Podemos (We Can). With so much support the Podemos movement has skyrocketed into prominence. With this happing with the next election things may change in Spain democracy for the fist time in over 35 years. The pole are loving this because its been much of a dictatorship but know the people will have a chance to speak their opinion, and this two-party government will likely change to three. And the people of Spain are loving it.